by Apex

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Shallow graves, dirt washing over us
And before we chose to speak; our mouths sewn shut
Speak against the fucking travesty

We've been silenced,
forced to hide it with our mouths sewn shut

We are all in this void we've made
We all live in our own fucking graves
There are no classes, there is no power,
Just men who lead the ones they've forced to close their eyes

Escape reality even though it’s right in front of you everyday
Try to claw our way out from the bottom,
We are the scum of the earth, fucked and left to decay

Our bodies rot before we're buried underneath.
Just walking corpses living on lies below hierarchy.
Force-fed to think we're born to be led,
But we are already dead
We've been force fed lies
Awaiting the end of life

Surrender to the machine, live in a hollow shell

Live in a home that feels just like a cell

No mercy is shown for the meek,
They know that if we speak all we will say is that we’re living in hell

We've been lead to be believe this is the way we were bred.
Never knowing we're just better off dead.

We grind our teeth to avoid speaking up and over you; we live in fear

We grind our teeth to avoid speaking up and over you
We live in fear of taking action
We walk on eggshells because everything you've put us through
We grind our teeth

Bred to be led
We are better off dead
Bred to be led
We are already dead


released September 17, 2014
APEX is:

Billy Blanton - Vocals
Zach Sebastian - Guitar/Producer
Nick Millson - Guitar
Adam Montgomery - Bass
Cody Patton - Drums

Engineered and Produced by Zach Sebastian at Third Eye Studios.



all rights reserved


Apex Cincinnati, Ohio

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